Strong Production Capacity

Shandong Baicheng Glass Co., LTD, a prominent glass bottle manufacturer in China, oversees the development of six kilns, capable of crafting glass items in diverse materials, including brown glass, green glass, clear glass, and super flint glass. Our production facility is flexible and adaptable, catering to customer orders based on their specific needs. With a combined annual production capacity of 400,000 tons, we are a major player in the glass industry.

Advanced Production Equipment

Baicheng Glass Bottles exclusively employs the cutting-edge SANJIN bottle making machine, recognized as the leading product in the contemporary industry. This state-of-the-art machine boasts enhanced material handling capabilities, increased group numbers, and a superior precision machining and assembly process, guaranteeing exceptional reliability and stability. Additionally, the advanced multi-weight computer servo feeder enables the production of various weight options on a single machine. Each feeder can handle weights up to 200g with an accuracy tolerance of just ±5g, effectively meeting the diverse requirements of customers, including those with low minimum order quantities.

We has been designing and manufacturing glass bottles and jars, and we’re still leading the way when it comes to quality, flexibility and innovation. We have a wide range of general sale glass containers for the food, pharmaceutical and beverage markets, many available there are many glass bottles and jars stock.

We also have our own in-house glass bottle design team offering a complete service for your custom glass packaging, from initial concept to manufacture and decoration. Baicheng factory is Glass Bottle Manufacturers in China, provide you with custom glass bottle with a low threshold. Custom glass bottle design can highlight your brand. We are very excited to turn your unique ideas into real products.

Excellent Design Team

Baicheng Glass Bottles boasts an autonomous mold design team with 2 seasoned engineers each accumulating over 35 years of professional experience. Our roster includes 5 exceptional designers, all holding postgraduate degrees and boasting 5+ years of industry involvement. Moreover, we have a dedicated team of 14 proficient CNC operators. The mold machining center at Baicheng Glass Bottle is equipped with state-of-the-art machinery, including China’s most cutting-edge 5-axis simultaneous machining center, CNC lathes, and other related equipment. This allows us to achieve swift and efficient mold production and processing.