We specialize in manufacturing custom alcohol bottles. Our innovative designs not only enhance brand recognition but are also tailored for bespoke glass bottles, available in sizes ranging from 50ML to 8L. Your satisfaction is our priority. Connect with us today to explore and create your unique glass bottle packaging.

Step1: Submit Glass Bottle Design

We will assess customer needs, create a preliminary sketch for the glass bottle, ensuring it aligns with production requirements. Our goal is to meet customer specifications while maintaining production feasibility, resulting in the completion of the initial draft for the glass bottle design.

Step2: 2D Glass Bottle Drawing Design

After comprehending the customer’s requirements, our design team will craft detailed 2D drawings for the glass bottle. Following their completion, we will conduct a comprehensive review with the customer to ensure alignment with specifications, paving the way for the subsequent 3D design preparation.

Step3: Glass Bottle 3D samples

Upon finalizing the drawings, we recommend creating 3D prototypes for the glass bottles. This approach aids in cost and time reduction. Through meticulous examination of these 3D samples, precise design adjustments can be made to achieve the optimal glass bottle.

Step4: Glass Bottle Mold Making

Upon approval of the 3D samples, we proceed with the creation of molds for the glass bottle samples. Precision in mold carving plays a pivotal role in enhancing the perfection of the glass bottle samples.

Step5: Glass Bottle Sample Making

The production of prototype glass bottle samples represents a crucial phase before large-scale manufacturing. These samples serve as a means to validate the ultimate outcome. Once these align with customer specifications, the mass production of glass bottles commences.

Step6: Glass Bottle Mass Production

After verifying the perfection of the glass bottle sample, our efficient production team accelerates to manufacture a high-quality batch of glass bottles.

To customize wine bottles, mold development is required, and our minimum order quantity (MOQ) is 10,000 PCS.
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