The production process of wine bottles

Today, we will introduce the manufacturing process of wine bottles.

Raw materials The raw materials include: sea sand, quartz sandstone powder, soda ash, dolomite, etc., which are proportionally mixed and poured into a melting furnace, with the temperature controlled at 1300°C.

After melting, the glass is cut into equal-sized blanks through the liquid discharge port.

The cut blanks are transported through material transport troughs to various flow channels, where the control is entirely mechanical.

The flow channels deliver the materials to various molds.

Glass bottle forming stage

After forming, the glass bottles will proceed to the next process along the production line.

After the glass raw materials enter the molds, wine bottles can be produced within 2 seconds, as illustrated in the diagram below.

Glass inspection After the glass bottles are made through annealing, they need to undergo a full inspection, with inspection items including: bottle bubbles; crooked neck; slanted bottom; material color; inner and outer diameters of the bottle mouth, and so on. Today, we will mainly introduce the inspection of crooked necks and inner and outer diameters of the bottle mouth.

The inspection of crooked necks mainly involves rotating the bottle with a special machine and using inspection instruments to check the cylindricality of the bottle.

Inspection of the inner and outer diameters of the bottle mouth.

After the inspection is completed, the bottles can be shipped.If you need customized wine bottles, please contact us.

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